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Mendoza/Jakobe Law is a criminal defense firm that practices in all areas of criminal law with a heavy emphasis in sex crimes, violent crimes, organized crime, and drug trafficking.

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Ms. Jakobe’s practice focuses on sex crimes, drug trafficking, organized crime, and violent crimes. Ms. Jakobe has a successful track record of dismissals and favorable resolutions by proactively and aggressively working up cases in pretrial motion and litigation practice. She has dedicated herself to clients by providing quality over quantity representation, and every client can expect Ms. Jakobe to live up to her name.


It is imperative that you hire an attorney from the first sign of trouble. In short, the sooner you hire an attorney after police contact – or even prior to – the better. Ms. Jakobe represents clients at all stages of a case, from investigation of an offense, bond hearings, pre-indictment, post-indictment and even probation violations or appeal. Oftentimes Ms. Jakobe is retained to advocate for a client’s interests while on probation to make sure he or she is treated fairly.


Ms. Jakobe is taken seriously by the State, and there is nothing more serious than being charged with a crime and facing jail time. When you are charged with a crime, you need a lawyer who is respected for years of aggressive representation and successful outcomes in cases.


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  • How we can help you?

    When you hire Ms. Jakobe, you have access to Ms. Jakobe twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. All clients have Ms. Jakobe’s cell phone number. You can be assured that your case will be handled personally and not sub-contracted out to a lawyer you have never met. The partners at Mendoza/Jakobe appear with you in court and personally handle all aspects of your case.

  • Review By Alex

    “I was falsely accused of sexual assault and kidnapping by a co-worker. I was referred to Ms. Jakobe because of her experience in sex crimes. She was always in touch with me about the facts, grilling me over and over again – she knew my case inside and out. My co-workers did not want to cooperate and were holding onto evidence showing I was innocent, so Ms. Jakobe forced them to come court under a subpoena. Ms. Jakobe even exposed my accuser of attempting to financially extort me. I am now a free man without any felony convictions. Ms. Jakobe believed in my innocence.”

  • Review By John

    “I was in the hospital and in a coma when Carissa stepped in and took my case. She went beyond what most lawyers would do without even asking if I needed the help because she knew that I did. My accuser was a drug-addicted, six-time felon who was going to kill me and I defended myself by pulling out a weapon so he would get away from me. He and his friends had been threatening me before this incident. Carissa found the witnesses that the police did not even interview and she was able to prove to the prosecutors that I was acting in self-defense. My case was dismissed. Attorneys in these times are critical and Carissa is an attorney who does her job well – she is indispensible.”

  • Review By G.R.

    “The police had me charged with methamphetamine trafficking. I had already done time for drug trafficking so i was facing 20 years in prison. The prosecutor refused to make a plea offer to probation even though Ms. Jakobe told him many times that the police were hiding evidence and protecting a confidential informant who had set me up. Ms. Jakobe filed a lot of motions, called the prosecutor’s boss, and the State offered me probation. Ms. Jakobe is a hardcore lawyer.”


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